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Two important new safety directives become fully operational across Europe. These new regulations are known as the ATEX Directives and apply to manufacturers, suppliers and users of equipment designed for use in potentially explosive atmospheres (also known as hazardous areas).

An explosive atmosphere is defined as a mixture with air, under atmospheric conditions, of dangerous substances in the form of gases, vapours, mist or dust in which after ignition has occurred, combustion spreads to the entire unburned mixture.

Directives 99/92/EC (ATEX 137), “USE” directives, requires employers to protect workers from the risk of explosive atmospheres. Directives 94/9/EC (ATEX 95 or ATEX 100A) “Equipment and Protective Systems for use in potentially explosive atmospheres” covers electrical and non-electrical products intended for use in hazardous areas (gas, vapours or dust atmospheres).

Compliance with both ATEX directives are a legal requirement in all European Union Members States from 1 July 2003.

In industry applications, some processes are required to have ATEX classified filters in certain zones. (Se table)

Camfil Farr in Europe have developed ATEX approved filters and housings for use in industry facilities in order to avoid any electrostatic hazards from gas or dust in the ATEX zone.

Camfil Farr has developed ATEX specifically designed versions of most of filters and filter housings generally used in industry facilities in order to avoid any electrostatic hazards in ATEX zones Gas or Dust according to EN 13463.

Camfil Farr ATEX solutions are fully certified according to ATEX Directive requirements with the appropriate “Ex” marking, the “ATEX Declaration of Conformity” and “Instruction for use”.

Dust Areas
Category ATEX
Typical suitability of place
Place where an explosive atmosphere is permanently present
Equipment adapted to 0 areas
Equipment adapted to 20 areas
Place where an explosive atmosphere is probable occasionally under normal operating conditions
Equipment adapted to 1 areas
Equipment adapted to 21 areas
Place where an explosive atmosphere is improbable under normal operating conditions, but, where applicable, only lasts a short time.
Equipment adapted to 2 areas
Equipment adapted to 22 areas

All Camfil Farr ATEX air filtration solutions are certified for a use in ATEX zones Gas (Class 1 and 2) and Dust (Class 21 and 22) complying with European Standard EN 13463-2001 ”appendix C” Non- electrical equipment for potentially explosive atmosphere, as attested by Declaration of Conformity.


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